January 25, 2022

The story of “Lost Ark” is good. Before “Part 1 is complete

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The story of “Lost Ark” is good. Before “Part 1 is complete!” On December 22, a challenge to look back on the story so far in 3 minutes! → It was impossible.

On Wednesday, December 22, 2021, the online RPG ” LOST ARK ” provided by GameOn will undergo a major update. A new area “Southern Bern” will be added.

In addition to the new area, attractive content such as new classes and new raids will also appear, but what I would like you to pay attention to is that.

Of course, the story will continue in the future, but with this update, the first part will be completed and the climax will be reached for the time being.

When users list their favorite parts of the story, many people point out the goodness of the story.

The protagonists, who set out on their own destiny, travel around the world with a mysterious mission, build trust with the people they meet, and eventually become “heroes” who hold hands and overcome the mighty evil. go. This is a story like a royal road that directly strikes my heart.

The excitement of traveling to countries with vastly different cultures and landscapes and the presence of attractive NPCs also enhance the immersiveness of the story.

At this time when the story of “Lost Ark” was about to reach a break with the highest excitement, Mr. Masato Shimada, a Japanese management producer, appealed for something by online call.

No, it’s impossible.

I tried to hang up the call, but apparently, Shimada’s producer seemed to be serious, so I stopped. The story of an epic adventure that has traveled to more than 10 countries will be summarized within 3 minutes.

The author witnessed the challenge of producer Shimada in an online call. When I tried to write the article again, I noticed that it was replaced by the challenge that everyone reading this article could finish reading the summary in 3 minutes.

Hereafter, I will introduce a summary of the story prepared by the producer. I would like you to challenge yourself to see if you can hit your head firmly in 3 minutes.

So far “Lost Ark” to summarize in 3 minutes

The main character (player) of Lost Ark travels to various continents and countries in search of Ark scattered all over the world in order to stop the demon army that is trying to spread “chaos” to Ark Rasia (world). Pillar!

The one who asked me to look for this arc was a cute female with feathers called “Beatrice”, a star observer!

Beatrice observes what is happening in the world from a place like “Trision”, a space-time gap, and has a mysterious atmosphere! The protagonist gains new power (advanced class) in Trision and descends to the starting place “Sacred Federation Artemis”.

By the way, about 500 years ago, the demon army was also invaded, and it seems to be called the “Iron Chain War”. At that time, there were seven heroes who fought against the head of the demon army, and people call them “Ester”.

The stage of the beginning of the journey is the Holy Federation Artemis.

Here, the player meets a priest named “Aman” looking for Ark.

He is a priest! However, half of the humans and demons-hidden the truth of a race called “Delan” in the world of “Lost Ark”.

Believing in Aman who is trying to protect the world, the player will search for traces of Ark with him, and will go to the salt desert Eudia and head for the human-controlled knight country “Lutheran”.

At that time, the Lutheran people were suffering under the brutal regent Schhelit’s rule. The regent gained powerful power with the help of the devil “Carmine” and the demon beast corps leader “Valtan”!

The carmine that appears here seems to have a different scheme from the usual devil, and sometimes shows gestures that help the hero.

Fans are whispering, “Is Carmine really an ally?” Or “Aman’s father?”, But the truth is still a mystery.

There are seven demon army commanders in all, and as the main character continues his journey, he will confront each army commander!

Players and Priest Aman help Luteran’s orthodox heir to the throne, “Syrian,” and take part in a huge war on the Glory Wall.

A Lutheran defeated the regent and welcomed a new king. Finally, peace has been restored. Players get “Trusted Ark Astor” at the tomb of Lutheran, who was the founding king and one of Esther!

For a short while, the crazy corps leader “Cook Seiton” appears in the Borea Goryo in the eastern part of Lutheran! The darkness and madness he had taken root for sank into the people and Priest Aman.

We were able to protect Borea Castle, but people were in a state of “suspicion” that doubted each other! Sadly, it has evolved into an Inquisition for the Holy Roman Empire.

The hero who went out to the sea went to the dwarf island “Totoiku” in search of a new arc Let’s Go!

There are various battles here as well,

Become the first sword of Soten on the continent of Wuxia “Anritsu”

Protect the country as an auditor in the machine country “Aldetine”

Then, stop the runaway of magical power in the northern part of Bern,

After that, I released the slaves with “Cheshire”,

If you stop the invasion of the devil and cooperate with other countries in the magical land “Rohendel”,

On the female-only island “Papunica”, guide the chieftain and stop the runaway of the Guardian.

I’m already crying and impressed, so I can’t talk about it, so I’m uploading a video on YouTube so please take a look!

I asked a lot after the summary.

Masato Shimada

“Lost Ark” Japan management producer. I talked about the above presentation by myself. Shimada in the text.

――It took 15 minutes to make a call! Far from cup ramen, you can boil pasta twice.

 It took about 30 minutes to watch all the summary videos of Shimada’s official channel, so I won it.

――Even after crossing the sea, there were many important things, but it was a rushing commentary. More like this, Aman (spoiler prone) or Carmine (prone).

Shimada: The story of such turbulence finally reaches its climax with a new story in southern Bern.

When I asked Shimada users about the scenes that left a strong impression on “Lost Ark,” the people who helped them all at once when the main character was in a pinch in a deadly battle with a tremendous number of demons in the early “Borea Hiroryo.” Many people mention the scene where they come to help and reverse the situation. I am too.

――It’s good, isn’t it? What I’ve done so far wasn’t wasteful! It’s a moving scene.

The events of Shimada Borea Koryo were only stories within the Lutheran country, but in the story of this update, this will happen on a scale that involves the world.

――The experience of becoming a hero and an auditor is also not a waste.

Shimada I also tried a test play, but I was moved by the tremendous momentum.

Shimada: There are some users who stop playing around here, but many of these users are enjoying this hot development. With the December 2021 update, you will be able to experience the excitement of Borea Koryo once again. please!

――It seems better not to skip this time even if you usually skip the story.

Shimada: If you look back on the official video in advance, I wonder if you can enjoy it even more. In this update, we will be fighting Valdan as the first of the new end content “Army Commander Raid”.

–Oh, finally. Is it also related to the story?

Shimada: There is a part that is a little connected to the climax of the main story, so I think you will enjoy it more after seeing the story. Before that, it is also recommended to look back on the story so far.

――It is ant to use not only the official video but also the function to look back on the movie in the game.

――Is the atmosphere of southern Bern as terrifying as you saw in the screenshot above?

 Unlike the northern part of Shimada Bern, it is a very steep and devastated area in terms of scenery. We have prepared some other screenshots, so please have a look.

――No, there are some screenshots that you really care about! “Lost Ark” is familiar because the story has a lot of volumes, but is it plenty this time as well?

Shimada This story has a volume about the time when the new continent was added, and the density of the content is not comparable to the past. You can also enjoy the development and innovative production that you have never experienced in this work.

――When the story breaks down, do you reveal the hints and the truth of the mystery at once?

Shimada Carmine, Beatrice, and other mysterious parts of NPCs haven’t been fully elucidated yet. It will settle down once, but the story will continue to unfold, so please look forward to it.

――Is the theory that Beatrice is actually a mastermind still undeniable?

Shimada However, there is a little scene that says “Hmm !?”

――I’m curious about that … It seems that Syrian and Carmine are also coming out. By the way, are there any new elements other than the corps leader raid in terms of content?

Shimada Right now (as of early December 2021), a new class “Gunslinger”, which is a gender-changed version of the Devil Hunter, which is also pre-registered, will be implemented in this update. Skill performance is slightly different from Devil Hunter, and many users are expected to be attractive in terms of character, so please look forward to it as well.

――I’m worried about future updates.

Shimada After the live broadcast on December 14th (Tuesday), we have released a roadmap for future updates from the 15th. Please see here for the “Lost Ark” after reaching the climax here, along with the archive of the live broadcast on the 14th.

――You can check the story of the past with a video and the future with a roadmap. I feel that this place is being used for promotion just here and there.

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