January 26, 2022

Super Trendy Game Award 2021

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Super Trendy Game Award 2021, 1st place is “Resident Evil Village”, 2nd place is “Uma Musume”! The most addictive work of the year selected by 151 game creators and celebrities who like games

“Super fashionable game award 2021” TOP5 released!

In 2021, the game industry officials were most addicted to the comprehensive game magazine “Weekly Famitsu January 6, 13th Merger Issue” (released December 23, 2021) published by KADOKAWA Game Linkage Co., Ltd. The results of the “Super Trendy Game Awards 2021”, which selects game titles, have been announced.

In the “Super Trendy Game Awards 2021″, 151 game industry creators and celebrities who like games (voice actors, talents, etc.) (detailed respondents are listed at the bottom of the page) selected the game titles they were addicted to this year up to 5th place. Then, points are added according to the ranking given, and the total points of each title are ranked.

In 2018, ” Marvel’s Spider-Man ” was won, in 2019 ” DEATH STRANDING “, and in 2020, ” Ghost of Tsushima ” was won. In this article, we will publish the TOP 5 of the “Super Trendy Game Awards 2021”.

In 2021, the featured works were released one after another. The title that caught the hearts of those involved in the game industry !?

1st place: ” Resident Evil Village “
(Capcom / Released on May 8, 2021 / PS5 / PS4 / XSX / XB One)

2nd place: ” Uma Musume Pretty Derby “

(Cygames / February 24, 2021 delivery / iOS / Android)

3rd place: ” Monster Hunter Rise “
(Capcom / Released on March 26, 2021 / Switch)

4th place: ” Tales of Arise “
(Bandai Namco Entertainment / Released on September 9, 2021 / PS5 / PS4 / XSX / XB One / PC)

5th place: ” Shin Megami Tensei V “
(Atlas / November 11, 2021 delivery / Switch)

Reference: “Super Trendy Game Awards 2020 TOP3”

1st place: “Ghost of Tsushima”
(Sony Interactive Entertainment / released on July 17, 2020 / PS4)
2nd place: ” Animal Crossing Forest ”
(Nintendo / March 20, 2020) Released on Sunday / Switch)
3rd place: ” FINAL FANTASY VII Remake ”
(Square Enix / Released on April 10, 2020 / PS4)

In addition, check the following articles for the results of the TOP 5 of 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020!

Comment from Hiroko Saga, Editor-in-Chief of “Weekly Famitsu”

2021 was a difficult year following last year, but first of all, I would like to thank you for the many games that were born and entertained us. Thank you to everyone involved in the development and sale of the game.

By the way, when you see the titles ranked in this “Super Trendy Game Award 2021”, you will be amazed by the variety of games. “Resident Evil Village”, which came in the first place, is a work that can be said to have achieved an orthodox evolution from the previous work. Various productions that express fear, the fun of exploring the atmospheric “village”, and the story about the main character Ethan have received a lot of attention both at home and abroad, and have sold over 5 million copies worldwide (* 2021). As of the end of October).

 On the other hand, 2nd place “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” is a game with a completely different direction. This work, which trains “horse girls” with the motif of real racehorses, is talked about overwhelming quality graphics, an exquisite balance that makes you want to try training many times, and various media mix development. This has exceeded 11 million downloads in Japan (* as of the end of October 2021). Even if you look at the titles from 3rd place onward, the lineup is wide, from AAA titles to indie games. There aren’t many entertainments that offer such a rich experience.

The game population in Japan is steadily increasing, but many people still do not know the richness of games. Famitsu will continue to make efforts so that we can present various possibilities to such people, saying, “There is such a game, that game is also wonderful.”

Product Summary

“Weekly Famitsu Switch” lists the top 30 titles in this ranking, as well as rankings by hardware. In addition, as a year-end and New Year issue, “Game Industry Major News” that looks back on game-related news is also posted. It is a good book to look back on this year’s game industry at the end of the year.

Title: Weekly Famitsu January 6th and 13th, 2022 Merged issue
Release date: Thursday, December 23rd, 2021
Price: 600 yen [tax included]
Appendix: Downloadable content Special lucky bag

Main articles / contents

What games did creators and celebrities get hooked on in 2021 !? [Year-end annual plan] Announcement of the super-fashionable game award 2021 Year-end annual plan to have
game creators and celebrities who like games list the games they got hooked on this year The “Super Trendy Game Awards” will be held in 2021! What is a game that grabs the hearts of many creators and celebrities …!?

2021 Major News Special Feature
Introducing all the important news in the 2021 game industry.

” Guraburu ” Special Features
of this “Gras communication” is, introduce a “Guraburufesu 2021” published information on the Omasu page!

There are many other notable articles!

Get the latest game information, including The Game Awards 2021 Report and Indie World Specials.

Those who responded to the “Super Trendy Game Award 2021”

※Titles omitted

  • Daisuke Ishiwatari (Arc System Works)
  • Toshimichi Mori (Arc System Works)
  • Yoshiaki Sato (Idea Factory)
  • Naoko Mizuno (Idea Factory)
  • Teruya Takeshima (Aidis)
  • Hisatoshi Hayashi (Aidis)
  • Takuma Endo (Acquire)
  • Shinjiro Takada (Atlas)
  • Naoto Hiraoka (Atlas)
  • Kazuhisa Wada (Atlas)
  • Hideshi Takahashi (Alim)
  • Ogura Eisuke (SNK)
  • Yasuyuki Oda (SNK)
  • Takayuki Kawasaki (Epic Games Japan)
  • Yukiko Shinjima (M2)
  • Kazuki Kubota (M2)
  • Naoki Horii (M2)
  • Yoshiro Kimura (Onion Games)
  • Kazuyuki Kurashima (Onion Games)
  • Yoshimi Yasuda (Kadokawa Games)
  • Yasunori Ichinose (Capcom)
  • Hideaki Itsuno (Capcom)
  • Masao Kawada (Capcom)
  • Yasumasa Kitagawa (Capcom)
  • Morimasa Sato (Capcom)
  • Shu Takumi (Capcom)
  • Takayuki Nakayama (Capcom)
  • Kazuya Nuri (Capcom)
  • Takuro Fuse (Capcom)
  • Kazuki Morishita (GungHo Online Entertainment)
  • Goichi Suda (Grasshopper Manufacture)
  • Shun Fujiyoshi (KLab)
  • Kazuma Kujo (Granzella)
  • Yuki Ito (Koei Tecmo Games)
  • Kazuhiro Echigotani (Koei Tecmo Games)
  • Mei Erikawa (Koei Tecmo Games)
  • Kenichi Ogasawara (Koei Tecmo Games)
  • Keisuke Kikuchi (Koei Tecmo Games)
  • Hisashi Koinuma (Koei Tecmo Games)
  • Shibusawa Kou (Koei Tecmo Games)
  • Akihiro Suzuki (Koei Tecmo Games)
  • Yosuke Hayashi (Koei Tecmo Games)
  • Junzo Hosoi (Koei Tecmo Games)
  • Fumihiko Yasuda (Koei Tecmo Games)
  • Noriaki Okamura (KONAMI)
  • Taku Yamamoto (KONAMI)
  • Ryoji Tsunoda (COLOPL)
  • Junya Fukushige (COLOPL)
  • Kenichiro Takaki (Cygames)
  • Tetsuya Fukuhara (Cygames)
  • Hiroshi Matsuyama (CyberConnect2)
  • Yuki Nishio (CD PROJEKT RED)
  • Satoru Homma (CD PROJEKT RED)
  • Fumito Ueda (genDESIGN)
  • Hideyuki Shin (Super Trick Games)
  • Kouji Aoyama (Square Enix)
  • Tomoya Asano (SQUARE ENIX)
  • Takashi Anzai (SQUARE ENIX)
  • Ryutaro Ichimura (SQUARE ENIX)
  • Hiroyuki Ito (Square Enix)
  • Taichi Inuzuka (Square Enix)
  • Hiroaki Kato (Square Enix)
  • Akitoshi Kawazu (Square Enix)
  • Yoshinori Kitase (Square Enix)
  • Yosuke Saito (SQUARE ENIX)
  • Takuma Shiraishi (Square Enix)
  • Masashi Takahashi (SQUARE ENIX)
  • Naoto Chiba (Square Enix)
  • Kei Hirono (Square Enix)
  • Noriyoshi Fujimoto (Square Enix)
  • Naoki Yoshida (Square Enix)
  • Jiro Ishii (storytelling)
  • Yusuke Katakata (Spike Chunsoft)
  • Shun Sasaki (Spike Chunsoft)
  • Moriji Aoki (Sega)
  • Shingo Kosuga (Sega)
  • Hiroyuki Sakamoto (Sega)
  • Mizuki Hosoyamada (Sega)
  • Ryosuke Horii (Sega)
  • Jun Matsunaga (Sega)
  • Risa Yamaki (Sony Interactive Entertainment)
  • Shuhei Yoshida (Sony Interactive Entertainment)
  • Tomoyuki Sawada (Taito)
  • Takeshi Tozaki (Taito)
  • Yuichi Toyama (Taito)
  • Takuma Hanagata (Taito)
  • Kenji Kimura (Tango Gameworks)
  • Yuta Hasegawa (DMM GAMES)
  • Taro Kanno (DeNA)
  • Nobuyuki Okajima (D3 Publisher)
  • Yoshiki Kanou (Delightworks)
  • Kotaro Uchikoshi (Too Kyo Games)
  • Kazutaka Kodaka (Too Kyo Games)
  • Sayaka Oda (Nippon Ichi Software)
  • Sohei Shinkawa (Nippon Ichi Software)
  • Yuyuki Furuya (Nippon Ichi Software)
  • Yu Mizogami (Nippon Ichi Software)
  • Toshihiro Kondo (Nihon Falcom)
  • Rin Hamada (hamster)
  • Keita Iizuka (Bandai Namco Entertainment)
  • Kazutoki Kono (Bandai Namco Entertainment)
  • Yozo Sakagami (Bandai Namco Entertainment)
  • Manabu Shimomoto (Bandai Namco Entertainment)
  • Aya Tamaki (Bandai Namco Entertainment)
  • Kensuke Tsukanaka (Bandai Namco Entertainment)
  • Yusuke Tomizawa (Bandai Namco Entertainment)
  • Katsuhiro Harada (Bandai Namco Entertainment)
  • Kenji Anabuki (Bandai Namco Studio)
  • Hiroshi Yoshimura (Bandai Namco Studio)
  • Mitsuru Maruyama (BEEP)
  • Yoko Taro (Bukkoro)
  • Atsushi Inaba (PlatinumGames)
  • Hideki Kamiya (PlatinumGames)
  • Kenji Saito (PlatinumGames)
  • Takahisa Taura (PlatinumGames)
  • Takanobu Terada (freelance)
  • Hayashi FuRyu
  • Keiichiro Toyama (Bokeh Game Studio)
  • Shiro Maekawa (Marvelous)
  • Hironobu Sakaguchi (Mistwalker)
  • Akihiro Hino (Level Five)
  • Takeshi Motomura (Level Five)
  • Ruriko Aoki (voice actor)
  • Asaka (anison singer)
  • Asami Imai (voice actor)
  • Kentaro Ueno (manga artist)
  • Risa Unai (announcer)
  • Ayaka Ohashi (voice actor)
  • Manao Kagawa (female go player)
  • Emiri Kato (voice actor)
  • Asuka Kijima (model)
  • Kotoko Sasaki (voice actor)
  • SHAKA (streamer)
  • Miyu Takagi (voice actor)
  • Kino Takahashi (illustrator/cartoonist)
  • Natsumi Takamori (voice actor)
  • Choboraunyopomi (manga artist)
  • Tsunako (illustrator)
  • Shiina Natsukawa (voice actor)
  • Crystal Noda (entertainer)
  • Kosuke Hiraiwa (e-sports caster)
  • Fukumitsu Shigeyuki (manga artist)
  • Fujita (game entertainer)
  • Furukawa Mirin (talent)
  • Ami Maeshima (voice actor)
  • Marie Miyake (voice actor)
  • Anko Mochitsuki (manga artist)
  • Nanami Yamashita (voice actor)
  • Saho Yamamoto (manga artist)
  • Drunk co (manga artist)
  • Mayu Yoshioka (voice actor)

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