January 26, 2022

“Red Dead Redemption 2”

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How did the world media evaluate “Red Dead Redemption 2”? Talk about artistic perfection from a “now” perspective!

It’s been two and a half months since the shock was released … I feel that it’s time to talk about ” Red Dead Redemption 2 ” (hereinafter ” RDR2 “) as a whole. Many players will have cleared the story mode of the main game, and “ Red Dead Online ” is also a beta version (as of January 2019), but based on the current situation that it has been released safely, “ RDR2” What is the ultimate open-world that Rockstar Games has pursued? The 2018 Game of the Year acquisition is also a masterpiece that is within range, but in this article, it is called “RDR2” with points that the author paid attention to, which is not mentioned much in the media reviews. I would like to try to explain the video game, which has a high degree of artistic perfection.

A storm of rave reviews from various media

“RDR2” has been highly acclaimed for its magnificent world view, beautiful graphics, extraordinary attention to detail, and the game design that combines all of them.

“PLAYSTATION 4 and XBOX ONE’s most highly rated game in history”
“Best Masterpiece” (IGN score 10/10)
“Best Open World Game” (Weekly Famitsu 39/40)

In Japan, which has a different view of history, the world of western drama is not familiar, but from the perspective of Europe and the United States, the world and drama depicted in “RDR2” are real 100 years ago. There was the law, common sense, and consciousness of that era, and it was dominated by ethics that were very different from the present, and you may come across.

“RDR2″ is often compared to the  Rockstar Games signboard title ” Grand Theft Auto ” (hereinafter ” GTA “) series, but the only thing that is similar is the open-world game design. I can’t think that what I’m aiming for is the exact opposite.

Yes, “RDR2” has a serious story to the fullest. The “GTA” series is ironic to modern American society and has a high degree of gag overall, including the story. Of course, there is a serious flaw, but the craziness that makes me laugh somewhere is emphasized. Especially, I feel that ” GTAV ” was remarkable.

RDR2, on the other hand, depicts the dark history of the United States, covered in guns and violence, and is more than just an escape for outlaws. The problems of children and slavery of fugitive slaves, discrimination and slaughter of indigenous peoples, life patterns of becoming outlaws because they lost their precious existence without being obeyed by the law, and the heavy and serious background of the characters. An exciting drama is born.
Only the size of the graphics and maps is mentioned, but I thought that the really great part of “RDR2″ was in the scenario, which is the same as the previous work. Isn’t that drama part of the historical background that the general magazine ” USA TODAY “, which is not a game media, described this work as “a masterpiece of the world view”?

A large gathering of strange people-encounters with “strangers”

However, even if it is too serious, it should not make you feel heavy. It is true that rock star-style gag is firmly studded in the heavy story.

Mad Scientists’ Ambition (models are Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, who existed at the same time), weird beast circus troupe and sideshow entertainer, or “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ” deep blue murderer family and mystery Although not directly related to the main mission, such as serial killers, a recluse living in abandoned villages, and villagers who believe in myths, this world of strange people is full of madness and laughter. I often admire that Arthur is keeping his sanity. Many eccentric weirdos appeared in the previous work, but this time the craziness has been greatly upgraded.

The general magazine’s major media ” NEWSWEEK ” describes “RDR2” as “an order of magnitude more beautiful”, but its beauty stands out because of its dingy side. After confronting strange people and winning the battle, Arthur (the author) climbs a small hill alone, smokes high-quality cigarette smoke, and regrets his actions. The beauty of the condor and the setting sun gliding under its eyes is certainly hard to describe.

Rather than simply clearing the missions in order, “another world” has been created that can embody the feelings of each player. ”

Modern highest level game

Let’s also touch on the map. The map is simple, but in reality, it should be called an oversized field that incorporates height differences and climate. It’s not just the desolate land and greenery that stretches endlessly, but each area has its own characteristics.

Muddy country towns, snowy forests, red soils, wetlands with hot and humid creatures, civilized metropolis San Doni, rugged mining towns, dense jungles, and more. It’s no wonder that ” THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER ” commented that the map, which is not only spacious but also relentlessly crafted in every detail while making the most of each feature, is “just the best modern game here .”

Even though I said that I would reproduce the natural environment, I never thought that it would be reproduced so thoroughly. The activities of more than 300 species of animals are typical, but it is not just animals that are important.

Sudden accidents and even the lifestyles of people passing by are included in a multi-layered structure so that you can throw out missions to get rare costumes and devote yourself to hunting or complete many prepared challenges. , Train robbery and blackmail, picking wildflowers, and collecting weapons are often done anyway. Too many.

Bonus to, such as side missions that can not be entrusted by the honor level …… the difference in height, which is set to the story of branches and Arthur is present, this game is not “high! Next!” To end crispy, it is built world It is designed so that you can enjoy it as many times as you like. The history and technology accumulated like the sauce of a long-established eel shop are incorporated to create a deep taste, and it is finished as a mature true adult video game title.

There are violent expressions, but they are also for adults, and the circumstances of love that can be expressed only by mature adults, the loneliness of men, and the loneliness of women. Deep and complex relationships and conflicts, sad farewells, new hopes and souls to be inherited. All of them are condensed data and are now in our hands.

RDR2, which sets it apart from other video games, boasts a terrifying degree of perfection that makes Rockstar Games’ obsession, pride, and pride. You rarely encounter such a game. I want to live in the wilderness forever.

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