January 25, 2022

Here are the words of the memories of the “ICO” players who gathered

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Here are the words of the memories of the “ICO” players who gathered in the commemorative questionnaire project to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of “ICO”.

Released as PlayStation 2 software on December 6, 2001, the action-adventure masterpiece ” ICO ” has been acclaimed both in Japan and overseas .

In the memory questionnaire project of “ICO”, which was held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its release, a lot of comments were gathered with the thoughts of the players. This article introduces some of them.

The memories and comments that the players felt should remind us of the memories of playing “ICO” 20 years ago.

* Each player’s comment is basically posted without changing the original text as much as possible, but there is a part that is edited to make it easier to read and unify the notation. The comments you submitted are not all posted due to space limitations. note that.

* The content of the player comments below includes spoiler elements including some endings. If you are thinking of playing “ICO” with a fresh feeling, please read the following at your own risk and pay close attention to it.

Q1 About the most moving scenes and the most memorable scenery in “ICO”

First encounter

The scene where the two meet first. It was very picturesque to stare at each other through the cage.

A scene where a girl appears. The pure white figure that was clinging to the shadow is burned into my eyes.

The scene of the encounter with Jorda. It was beautiful, lonely and thrilling.

When I first met Jorda after dropping the birdcage, Jorda looked like it was shining and was very beautiful.

At the beginning of the story, a scene to rescue Jorda from a large basket. We are waiting for an epic adventure! I felt like I was sick.

I remember when the first shadow came out, it was horrifying and horrifying when it kidnapped Jorda, and desperately swung around the stick. In fact, it was a moving scene that Iko got sick when I ran as if I was alive at the beginning. I felt alive.

(When you first found the appearance of Jordan who are in a cage It was so mysterious that it now gave me the feeling that I had to help her rather than find an exit).

The scene at the beginning is impressive overall. I already played when PS2 came out, and I was impressed that the game was able to create such an atmosphere.

A scene where Iko escapes from the casket and notices Jorda’s trapped basket. It was a scene where you can feel the height of the hanging basket, the unrest and beauty of Jorda, the dimness of the castle and the brightness of the outside world at once.

The scene where I meet Jorda for the first time. I remember well that in a dim place, Jorda’s arm stretched out by a boy was so white that it seemed as if it was shining a little light, and I was strongly attracted to it.

The moment you move it for the first time

The moment I started moving Iko. The way of fighting with the queen is not flashy, but I liked it because it made me feel good. The rest is the production when the game is over. I thought my heart would stop. The moment I held hands for the first time and the controller blew up, I certainly felt the existence of Jorda.

There are many, but the first thing that comes to mind is that Iko first falls out of the capsule and becomes able to move. I remember being impressed by the freshness of the way I could go anywhere, find the story myself, and the graphics were beautiful, without any operations or gauges.

I was always struck by the moment when Jorda leaned forward and started walking. I think the height difference is exquisite.

It was the very first time I ran with Jorda’s hand. The vibration was transmitted, and I was impressed that I was really holding hands. When I ran, Jorda was pulled and my posture collapsed, and I was surprised at the realistic change in the way of movement, such as the way of running that was dragged unlike Jorda’s own way of running, and the sickness of Iko. It may be normal in today’s games, but I was really surprised at the time. Of course, I was impressed by the story, but the most memorable thing is that I had an amazing experience as if I had actually entered the foggy castle.


I was worried about letting go of Jorda to move the gimmick or defeat the enemy, and I was so moved that I was shaken every time I rejoined my hands. That little, and that’s why, at that precious moment, there was all of that work.

In the scene, it is a casual gesture that will show you if you leave the character alone. In Jorda, he cares about his arms, looks around, follows the direction of Iko with his eyes and neck, and sometimes mutters a hint and points to it … When Iko hangs on something, Jorda flies. The expression of the shaking and the feeling of weight when falling was really realistic and eye-catching. The time difference when starting to run was also very realistic. When observing facial expressions from different angles, it seemed that the feeling of saying something to each of them was conveyed in the ephemeral nature.

The first collapsing stone bridge that takes Jorda out of the cage. At the first collapsing bridge, I grabbed the controller so that my fingers wouldn’t come off the R1 button. As soon as I played and understood that holding hands was to protect Jorda, the control of the controller was different from other games.

Save point

A scene where two people sit on a save chair.

I really like the scene where two people sit on the sofa (save). I was saving to see this many times.

Save point. What a cute save point you can save if Jorda sits next to you! I was impressed. Even when I resume from save, I love to start from sleeping together and waking up.

Two people are sitting on a chaise lounge near the big gate. The sunlight in the area near the main gate was impressive, and the grassland with the savepoint chaise lounge was my favorite spot.

A place where you’ve been through the shaded stage all the time, and at the save point, you’re out in the sun and the birds are singing.

I really like every landscape. To put it bluntly, if you sit on the couch for a while when you save, they will fall asleep. Be close to each other and stay away from them. The best scenery is that Iko and Jorda are holding hands.

In the battle with the queen

A scene where Iko’s horn breaks in the battle with the Queen. I was impressed by the appearance of confronting Jorda.

A scene where Jorda releases Iko’s hand. I was deeply moved by the fact that she, who was the target of protection, protected Iko for the first time.


It is a scene where the bridge is divided, and Jorda reaches out to help Iko. It was an impressive scene where she was in a position to reach out and regained her emotions!

The scene where the straight road that was flowing in the commercial collapses 20 years later, it still remains in my memory.

A scene that separates at Ohashi. I was surprised at myself who jumped to the Jorda side reflexively instead of playing games.

Never let go! I remember holding my hand while feeling excited.

When I crossed the collapsed bridge, Jorda jumped, believing in the hand that the boy who had advanced ahead, but every time I was sick, I could see the trust in each other.

In the scene where Iko and Jorda are separated by the bridge in the middle of the story, Jorda grabs his arm when Iko jumps over the bridge. I felt Jorda’s thoughts that I couldn’t understand.

When opening the main gate and escaping from the castle, Jorda is left behind on the other side of the bridge that has fallen, and involuntarily turns back and tries to jump. By deciding “I have to go back” over there, I realized that I didn’t want to let go of Mr. Jorda (not because of the game system).

When I finally thought that two people could escape from the castle, the bridge was split into two. I was scared and couldn’t go back to help.

A scene that has been separated since I met him after falling from the bridge in front of the main gate. I remember being surprised at the childhood that being alone is different from being alone from the beginning.

With Jorda’s hand, you can cross the bridge and finally get out of the castle! I thought, but the scene where the bridge collapsed was very emotionally shaken. I was a little embarrassed because I was playing in front of my family because I was too emotional in the gameplay until then, but when I got out of my hand, I suddenly shouted “Yorda !!!” However, it is still the most memorable scene.


Fog castle

The scenery seen from the wall surrounding the castle. If you look inside, you can see a magnificent castle, and if you look outside, you can see the cliffs and the opposite bank, which makes you feel desperate, “Oh, you can’t escape easily.”

The foggy castle, which has a ruined atmosphere and does not spoil the beauty at all, is impressive no matter where you cut it, and you cannot choose it …! But what I like the most is the appearance of the entire castle!

The castle is made like a ruin. it’s the best. On the contrary, I remember that the last sandy beach scene was pure white and very dazzling.

The stairs beyond the old bridge. The light shining on was impressive.


The decayed castle, the interior was dark and full of shadows, and I was scared, but it was impressive that the outside was surrounded by greenery.

I liked to see the whole castle and the scenery outside the castle from the top of the hill or the bridge in the high place. From the outside, this castle where we are will look like a mysterious and mysterious place, and since we players only know about this castle, the outside world looks like a mysterious and mysterious world. I liked to see the scenery from a high place and think and delusion.

A view overlooking the sculpture on the decorative statue of the bridge connecting the foggy castle and the outside.

The castle seen from the main gate. I think it’s a shame to leave here. It was a beautiful landscape.

I liked it because it looked like a starry sky when the gate leading to the outside was lit.

The whole castle was amazing! A vast castle like a ruin covered with fog, with no music and only the sound of the wind. I couldn’t stand the specifications that I couldn’t see far because it was hazy when I saw it from a high place!

The stage looking up at the main gate is very impressive. When I looked up at that huge main gate, and the place where the main gate opened and a bridge was built, and the hope that I might be able to get out of this castle was mixed, I was very impressed.

It is the last scene of an old castle that collapses with ” ICO -You were there- ” in the background. It was a landscape that made me feel “beauty” and “emptiness”, which was suitable at the end, instead of the strong emotional movement until then.

In a place where the structure of the castle can be seen from a distance, I was scared to imagine the difficulty of the awaiting trials from the contrast between the huge structure and my size.

The rust on the rain-soaked pipe at the bottom of the castle was very real and I was staring at it.

I don’t remember whether it’s west or east in the foggy castle, but the place to turn the antenna outside the arena is a steep cliff, and although it is vague, there is a place where you can see far away land across the sea. I am very impressed.


courtyard. The trees, a few waterways, and Jorda in the light were very beautiful.

courtyard. I like it because it’s a landscape where you can feel “life” and feel at ease in a cold castle where time stops and it seems that all life does not exist from the beginning. You can feel the warmth of the sun through the screen.

I love places like a small courtyard with waterways. The soft sunlight and the shining greenery of the vegetation swaying in the wind will irresistibly heal your heart.


I was impressed by the gentle sunlight through the trees, such as the courtyard. I liked that quiet, lonely but warm place with lots of greenery.

After all, it’s the courtyard! In the nature where the sunlight shines through the trees, there is a figurine shaped like a chess piece, and the “shadow” that follows! I think it is a landscape that simply represents “ICO”.

Bird cage

The first spiral staircase was very exciting.

Stairs, graveyards, water corridors (I was shocked to see something like this !?), windmills, and minecarts that I climbed to drop Jorda’s basket. Although there are many disturbing things, it is quiet and makes me feel the passage of time, so it was nice to feel exquisitely dry.

After all I like the second room. It was a shock to me at the time that the spiral staircase that was lying down continued to the top, and the light was shining through the window,

Perhaps at the beginning, the place where the spiral staircase is located is lit by the sun, and the white bird is beautiful and impressive. It’s also cute that Jorda starts playing with birds.

It is a basket. It was such a mysterious landscape whether it was captured or protected.


The scenery that I thought was beautiful was especially the windmill. I was wandering around and swimming in the pond for no reason.

A place with a windmill. Although I was trapped, it was a warm and refreshing place.

The inside of the castle is dark and jerky (which is good), but I like the windmills where the bright sunshine and the wind are blowing and the time is relaxing.

It is a place with a windmill. I think it’s the best place to be completely addicted to Jorda’s waiting poses, windmills, water, birds, greenery and spectacular views.

Windmill area. A big windmill was spinning in a spacious place, grass was growing, and I was just healed and I didn’t want to go for a while. This is my favorite area.

The scenery of the windmill stage is the most memorable. I remember feeling relieved that I passed through only obstructive and dim places and finally came to a place where there was a feeling of openness and calm.

Windmill. A place with water and greenery, where you can even feel the wind. Symbolic landscape.

I like the scenery that left an impression on me, where there is a windmill gimmick. I don’t like gimmicks, I like seeing the ocean from the windmill. I still remember the feeling of freedom and hope that I could see the wide world outside from the closed space.

The scenery that left an impression on me was the windmill. From the dark castle, I was impressed by the feeling of liberation and the beautiful scenery that came out of the castle full of greenery and light. There was also an unfounded sense of security that it was a normal ground, not a castle with various gimmicks. I want to lie down.

In the scenery, the scene of the windmill, the contrasting light and darkness of the arena, the scenery of the cliffs, the windmill, the water wheel, and the wavy expression of the waterfall are wonderful at that time, and the scene where dust dances is also high here. It expressed what I said and moved me to be cautious. I found the gimmick sewerage system that moves with each other to be interesting.

It is a view of the rooftop with a windmill. Because it is a high place, I was looking at the continent that I could see in the distance.

It is a place with a windmill, which is also drawn on the package. I wanted to go out from the tense atmosphere of the castle and take a break in the idyllic scenery cut out as shown in the photo.

It is a place with a large puddle and a windmill. The lighting and sounds in the scenery of “ICO” are really nice, especially in this part, the information from the ears such as the sound of the wind blowing, the sound of birds, the sound of the windmill moving, the sound of water, the footsteps and voice of the character, etc. Many, yet it was a natural and comfortable space. It was also impressive that the water was transparent and beautiful.

While the windmill stage and enemies do not appear and the view is open and you can relax, the only scenery you can see is the cliffs in the distant view, and you can see that you are isolated in the sound of the natural environment.

The most memorable scenery is the windmills and waterways. I could see the sea and land in the distance, and I saw many times the picturesque scenery of a huge windmill standing on a cliff spinning around in the wind, and I just spent time without moving there. There was something. In the waterway, the beautiful green leaves of the tree (whether someone planted it or it grows naturally) in the closed space always surrounded by stones in the castle sways, and I felt it was a very peaceful place. rice field. The green of the trees you see in the game and the green of the actual trees are so impressive that you can remember each other.

I was surprised that the waterway where the light is shining from above and the quality of PS2 create a quiet atmosphere.


I think the scenery of the windmill, which is also a package, is the most memorable. The windmill, which keeps spinning even though it is tattered, seems to express the eternal time of this castle.

Color, light, atmosphere and time flowing there

Green contrast and gray and transparent world.

I still remember how dazzling the sun was in the game when I went from a dark place to a bright place outside in the second half.

I like the scenery of Jorda shining in the light in the castle where the light shines.

I love the place of sunlight through the trees the most in the castle. As the name suggests, you can feel the glitter and the light is not large, but when you visit the foggy castle, you will stay for a long time.

The dark and terrifying shadows of the foggy castle made me feel relieved at the occasional green and sunny landscape.

I was impressed by the scenery of the sunlight shining on the glitter stones. It was a mysterious atmosphere where coldness and warmth lived together.

When I was solving the gimmick in the castle, there was an angle where the sunlight came in, and when I played for the first time, I thought, “It’s the first time I’ve felt so dazzling in the game world.” I was really impressed not only with the evolution of graphics but also with the way they look.

I liked the bright landscape outside as opposed to the dark and closed landscape inside.

The bright green and sunlight when you go out from the dark castle.

A landscape where you can feel the light and the wind when you go out of the building. While being chased and looking for an escape route, the terrible calm scenery when we were still impressed. In addition, the rough landscape after being separated was outstanding.

I liked the sight of Jorda chasing pigeons on the sunny lawn because of Jorda’s surprising humanity.

The glare of the sky seen when looking up from a vacant lot surrounded by a high wall in the castle, the light overflowing through the gaps between the leaves of nearby trees.

I liked the scenery with greenery and sunshine as a whole. Impressionist-like landscapes that are textured and not too clear are healed. I like the two sitting on the couch.

I don’t really remember the exact location of the place, but there is a place where the light happens to look like a person, Jorda is next to me, and I’ve been clear for weeks so there should be people there. Is there anyone you don’t know? I was very scared.

In the early stages, a crescent-shaped sun was formed in the circular square just across the crane.

All of the light and shadow were more impressive than any of the scenes. I even felt the coolness of the shadows. I like all the beautiful scenery like a picture book.

Bright reflector. I felt the size of the place where I am now when I got out of the dark arena and came to the edge of the castle.

The scenery is at night, but after being caught, while going to help with Iko alone, take a cliff on the right side and walk up to see the morning sun. The scene was dazzling and dazzling, and I was really impressed. It was the first time I was so immersive in the game!

The green outside, the beauty of the light, the coolness of the building, and the darkness that makes you feel scared. I like both of them because I feel the air from the screen.

Several times during the play, there are moments when I go out of the dark castle to a place where I feel “light and green garden”, and it makes me experience dazzling and squinting with Iko and others. I really like that landscape. I like the voice of birds and the sound of the wind, and the way Jorda, who has been left unattended for a long time, is chasing birds.

When you go out of the cave to the front, the light like the west sun shines in. I was shocked to see such a beautiful expression of light in the game.

When I arrived in the sunny area and saw Jorda standing in the sun, I thought it was a game with beautiful shadows.

I liked all the outdoor scenery. Including the sound of the wind passing through.

A landscape where sunlight reflects off the vegetation and makes you feel dazzling. A landscape where the leaves sway in the wind, where you can only hear the chirping of birds, not the BGM.

The scenery is impressive in every scene. Even though I didn’t go there directly, I could feel the wind and the coldness of the air.

Q2 How long have you been holding hands with Jorda during play?

91% that was always connected

7.4% that was well connected only when moving over obstacles

There was only a minimum of 0.5%

0.5% who was holding his hand only when he escaped

Q3 About the music of “ICO”

It was magnificent but somehow lonely and scary.

It seems that he emphasized the decadent atmosphere of “ICO”.

It seems to be a faint remnant of a quiet castle, and the effect combined with the remains is impressive.

I think it’s simple and comfortable music that doesn’t interfere too much with the player. Although the quiet impression did not change, it was strange that the music when the shadows appeared made me feel impatient and uneasy.

When I bought the soundtrack, I was surprised that there were many darker songs than I expected. I feel that the song “ICO”
emphasizes the loneliness and fear of the two of us in the castle, the anxiety that seems to be crushed, and the loneliness of the ruins of the once prosperous place. That’s why I feel relieved to hear the sounds of nature and want to join hands with Jorda even more. It’s amazing that music is also there to make you want to be close to Jorda …

Originally I like ethnic music, so I like that banjo-like tone. It’s a melancholy song, but it’s not only sad because it’s linked to the impression of the game, but a quiet space illuminated by white light comes to mind.

It makes me feel nostalgic and sad, and it makes me feel like crying.

It can be said that it is music that expresses “the tranquility of the castle.” Rather than looking good on the game, I think it was unobtrusive, unobtrusive music.

Contrary to the dark and horror atmosphere of the room, the ephemeral and sad music was music that could be played in a good way so as not to interfere with the play.

I originally liked Michiru Oshima’s music, but I still love the music of “ICO”. The whole music is somewhat sad and sepia-like, but when you listen to it, it gives off a vivid color in your chest. I think it’s a really multi-layered sound.

The impression is so strong that you can immediately remember the melody. It expresses the delicate parts of the heart such as loneliness and sadness. A sad atmosphere like a tree with few leaves at the end of autumn. But the impression is interesting and fascinating.

I really like the calm music that doesn’t interfere with the quiet space. Especially, the song that plays in the scene where many shadows are fought is very impressive because it has an eerie feeling that the sadness of the sacrifices who became the shadows can be felt.

” Shadow ” is also my favorite song. It was speculated that the shadows he had fought so far were probably the same sacrificed children as Iko, and when he noticed the coffin with more and more light, he got goosebumps.

I’m still listening to the theme song. It starts with a sad and beautiful tune intro while making a sound reminiscent of a mist-like, unclear and unstable space. And I heard a clear singing voice as if speaking. The singing voice seems to clear the fog around. I also love the powerful interlude.

The fantastic opening theme and the beauty of the lyrical tune of “ICO -You were there-“. The music played during the decisive battle with the Queen also had an eerie feeling of dark fate, and the contrast with the quietness of almost only the environmental sounds in other scenes was wonderful.

I love the theme song. I think the voice of birds and the noise of trees were also part of the music.

At that time, I think it was good that I didn’t understand English and didn’t understand the meaning of the lyrics. I’m glad I heard a song from a distant country.

All were masterpieces, but the ending song is just a divine song. Even though the opening instrumental alone was too great, I never dreamed that it would bring out even more beautiful things.

The boyish singing voice like a girl matched the work now, which is vague and vague in a good way, and it was wonderful. It makes me feel like clear water springs up in my heart.

I love everything, but after all “ICO -You were there-” is exceptional. The boy’s clear singing voice blends into the sad chest after clearing “ICO”. At that time, I remembered the English lyrics perfectly and sang.

After all, the theme song “ICO -You were there-” is a masterpiece. The ending is too beautiful after Jorda took the fainted Iko on the boat. The singer’s clear, sad singing voice matches the collapsing foggy castle freed from the curse and cannot be heard without tears.

The image song is very impressive, and I often sing it at that time and now. I don’t think there are many songs that express the world view so well and shake the heart.

When you listen to “ICO -You were there-“, you can see the scenery of the wind blowing in the clean air, in the empty grassland, and in the back of your eyes. I’ve never been to such a scenic spot. You’ve been listening for decades. Every time I am healed by the scenery, I feel like I have returned to my hometown.

The opening is particularly impressive. It was very good that it also flowed in the ending. In the place where the sound of the strings was comfortable, the bass got into my heart from the middle. Divine comedy.

The main theme of the last is wonderful, vividly evoking the time and scenery that I have spent so far.

I like the opening song. The sound of the strings is good, and even though it is the first time, a nostalgic melody line is memorable.

There were days when I was so fond of ” Castle in the Mist ” that I was a demon. It’s a song that feels ephemeral, but also the strength to move forward without giving up. The memories of running with Jorda’s hand come to mind.

I like “Castle in the Mist”, and when I listened to the foggy mountain morning when touring, I felt like I was far away.

Since the scenery of “ICO” is one of my original scenery, the music of “ICO” is still played in my head when I say morning mist, weather and rain, or take a rest. ..

I still listen to all the songs with depth. I was happy that the soundtrack came with the score, so I couldn’t play the piano, but I practiced hard. Only this song can be played ♪

Until then, I thought that the soundtrack to the game could be listened to even though there was a game. However, after playing “ICO”, I felt like “Wow, I feel like I played a great game”, and when I listened to the song that was played at the ending, I met Jorda in the foggy castle. What I experienced through the game “ICO”, such as having an adventure even though there were only two people, holding hands even though I couldn’t understand the words, and holding the R1 button very carefully even though it was light to the touch. Came to my mind one after another. There, I felt for the first time, “I want to buy a soundtrack and bite this story over and over again !!”

By the way, regarding the songs of “ICO”, in commemoration of the 20th anniversary, the “ICO” soundtrack “ICO -Perfect Music Files-” including the first sound source song is being distributed from December 6, 2021 (Monday).

As a bonus track, a re-recording version of the two main themes is additionally recorded, and a high-resolution sound source is also distributed. In “ICO -Perfect Music Files-“, while remastering and re-recording the songs recorded in the soundtrack “ICO -Melody in the Kiri-” on sale, “ICO -Melody in the Kiri-” All unrecorded songs are also made into the first sound source + remastering.

The main theme songs “ICO -You were there-” and “Castle in the Mist” are recorded with the re-recording version as a bonus track.

I want to protect it

Of all the games that protect someone, there weren’t many games where you could actually pull out and take action together, so it was really refreshing! Even though Jorda is taller, I felt that Jorda’s fragility and beauty were unique, which made me feel that I had to protect this child.

I feel like I’m older than myself, but I’m more fragile than myself, and I feel like I’m going to have to take this hand away, and I have to protect it.

It was the first time for me to have the feeling that I had to protect the characters in the game.

I couldn’t rely on Jorda to pull it a little and I thought I’d protect it to the end.

relieved. Until then, I hadn’t felt the action of “holding hands” in particular, but I felt like I was alone but could connect with someone, and I felt like I found a little light in the darkness. I did.

I felt that I shouldn’t let go. Since the main character understood the situation at the beginning of the story, I felt that I wanted to keep my hands on it because of the meticulousness and the danger of Jorda’s behavior.

It was encouraging and warm to have someone take my hand in the lonely and cold stone castle.

A mysterious and beautiful girl, a girl who was much older than me at that time, and a girl who must have been older for Iko in terms of height, but what if I let go of this hand? I remember that I honestly wanted to protect it.

While feeling the excitement of my older sister, I strongly felt that I had to protect this person. At the same time, by protecting Jorda, can I get rid of my anxiety? I remembered the mysterious symbiotic relationship.

There was a sense of security. Feeling that the world is colored.

Iko himself would have been full of anxiety, but I thought he had a kind heart to Iko who tried to alleviate his anxiety by taking his hand, thinking about Jorda who seemed to be anxious. However, shortly after that, Iko ran while holding hands, and it seemed that Jorda couldn’t keep up with it, which made me feel warm that Iko was still a child.

At the same time, I felt the reassurance toward a stranger and the strength of not being alone, and I loved it.

I felt love from the vibration and the gesture that Jorda picked up.

Cute ~~! !! !!

I felt very warm. Even though I just met because they were lonely and in a difficult situation, I felt that there was something in common.

Surprise and anxiety

I wondered if I could really grab an arm that was so thin and weak that it could break with just a little pull.

Feeling a little embarrassed.

I felt the weight. I remember being a little upset by the unexpected response.

Jorda was so beautiful that I was afraid that it would get dirty. But gradually, I feel lonely and anxious if I’m always connected and not always next to me.

As soon as I ran with even a little momentum, my hands were separated and I felt weaker than I expected.

Can I pick it up? I was a little worried if it wouldn’t break.

The castle was creepy and scary, so I felt like I was squirming.

Wow, (the controller) trembled! I felt like I held my hand.

I felt weird. I was confused because I had never played a game with motion to hold hands.

I was in the middle of my boyhood, so I was thrilled and sweated a lot (laughs).

When I ran with Jorda’s hand for the first time, I felt the contrast between Iko’s energy and Jorda’s fragility, as if Jorda’s thin arms would just come off.

I was surprised that I really held a person’s hand. When I ran, it seemed cute that Jorda was pulled, so I walked almost to the end.

I felt fidgety, perhaps because of Jorda’s anxiety.

I was a little scared because it seemed to break.

I felt that they weren’t trusted by Jorda, who seemed to weigh each other, so I was worried if I could do it well.

It is dangerous because you may unintentionally let go of your hand when you run or run down the stairs. For example, in real life, it seems like “a person who doesn’t understand the language, but you have to treat them carefully”, and you instinctively understand that you shouldn’t treat them roughly.

For the first time, I tried not to pull it too strongly. The motion of Jorda being pulled seemed to be painful … At that time, I was made to think that I was “one-hearted and one-body” and “caring for the other person”, and I remember that it was “a feeling that the souls are connected”. Even now, I still feel that I was made to think that “a person is hard to live alone”, which makes me feel relieved when I am alone.

Isn’t it disappearing as it is in the whiteness of Jorda’s hands? I was worried.

At first, I thought it would be a hassle to hold hands all the time by holding down the button. But I became anxious if I didn’t hold my hands, and I came to think that I shouldn’t let go of this hand.

The vibration was real and impressed, but I was a little scared because I had to protect it properly.

While being panicked by the shadow, I was worried about Jorda, whose arm that I accidentally grabbed was swung around.

I’m sure. The swaying controller has become a soul-grabbing feeling.

Impression and expectation

I’m going on an adventure with this girl forever! I was excited. I felt like the beginning of an adventure when I took Jorda’s hand rather than when the game started.

This person, Jorda, is alive.

I was literally trembled by the shock of being able to interfere with the characters in the game on my own initiative.

Found It Very I Different And Could Not Wait To See How The Game Would Use The Mechanic And How The Bond Between The Two Would Develop.
(From noticed that it is like a different experience from that of the past, this mechanism is and equalizing How do you deepen Jorda’s bond … I couldn’t wait to see it)

I was excited. “Ah, can you make such delicate movements in the game?” It was very novel that the boy pulled the hand of the older woman and ran. I really like the fact that Jorda is pulled by a little movement while running. I think that it is an action that shows how thin and weak the girl Jorda is, what is useless without Iko, and the coexistence relationship of catch phrase.

I remembered when I worked hard and held hands with my first love.

You can move such a beautiful image as it is! If you swing it around, it will behave properly! The evolution of the game is amazing!

Wow! I held hands with the girl! I was excited, but immediately the vibration of the gakugaku. surprised. I noticed that there is a difference in height and stride between the two, so that’s right! It’s hard to walk …! Even so, I was impressed that he would follow me.

I felt like a junior high school boy who took her hand for the first time (my woman).

I wondered what kind of feeling this child was here, and I wanted to see various scenery with this child, and I felt a mixture of a little anxiety and great expectations for adventure.

Is it the weight of Jorda’s body when he starts running while holding hands with Jorda? I remember being impressed by the feeling of centrifugal force.

Ah, it was naturally introduced into the adventure and the sense of mission that it was a story of adventure. I thought it was a wonderful idea that people’s “emotions” became actions as they were, not the system.

It was a moment when they went beyond the boundaries of one character in the game. As is the case in reality, there may be system problems and operability difficulties that recognize the other person as a living human being with body temperature and become a special existence, but with this frequency of game characters It is strange that there is almost no act of holding hands even after this work.

The characters in the game are the same as the characters in the movie, and no matter how much you sympathize with them, they exist through the screen, but when you pull up Jorda, it feels like you touched the characters in the game for the first time through the controller. did. There is no such feeling even in a fighting game.

The vibration of the controller when I grasped it connected me to the world on the other side of the screen, and I felt a fresh surprise that I just grasped my hand. At the same time, as part of the experience of playing games, I felt something like tactile sensation, temperature and warmth.

I remember that the vibration transmitted by the dual shock of PS2 made me feel that “I was really connected to the world spreading on the screen!”.

The vibration came and I was thrilled as if it was really connected.

The impression of the moment when the controller quivered a little is still unfading. I felt love. I felt like I was really holding hands, and I was playing while thinking that I didn’t want to let go of my hands even while solving the mystery.

The vibration of the controller was exquisite, and I felt a little embarrassed because I felt like I was really holding hands. With all my strength, it was through the controller, but there was a feeling of holding hands!

The vibration of the controller made me feel the heartbeat of Jorda, and I was a little excited.

I was surprised that the controller quivered. And when I tried to run as it was, Jorda was pulled a lot … I’m sorry. I’m sorry I ran suddenly, it was so ephemeral that I wanted to call out, and I thought I had to protect this child.

It made me feel strange that I was able to touch the characters on the other side of the game. He shook and squeezed the controller, which conveys the heartbeat, gently and sometimes tightly, and he certainly took Jorda’s hand.

Impression when the vibration of the hand is transmitted from the controller. Speaking of vibration, it was a system to express the flashiness of the action. However, the application of the system that the heartbeat of Jorda’s life is transmitted to the fingertips is wonderful. “Sense” is “moving” in my hand. I thought this was called “impression”.

The controller vibrates and the position of the button becomes the shape of a hand that grips something tightly, so there was a feeling of tension as if you were really holding a person’s hand.

The vibration of the controller was like a heartbeat, and I felt warm. I was relieved to be connected.

Since it was the first PS2 play at that time, I was surprised that the controller trembled and dropped the controller. I was playing with a strange feeling, “Well, I held hands with a girl!”

I felt the warmth from the inorganic thing called the controller.

I projected myself beyond emotional empathy on the operating Iko.

I remember the moment I held Jorda’s hand, the controller vibrated and suddenly said “Wow!”. If you move slowly, the vibration will be small, and if you move roughly, it will vibrate greatly, and you will feel as if you are really holding hands with Jorda through the controller. That experience is still shocking.

Is it such an idiot to feel the heartbeat and warmth? I was surprised with. I felt it was a real existence.

The moment I picked up my hand, there was a slightly stronger vibration of the controller, and I remember that when I started running with my hands held, it became a delicate vibration. It was like pulsing, really holding hands.

I have to protect

Despite his height, he is thin and white, and when he runs while holding hands, he almost falls, and I remember strongly thinking that I had to protect him. I was almost walking.

I absolutely felt that I had to protect everything.

Absolutely protect! I feel stronger. Seeing Jorda reaching out to be kidnapped by the enemy and sucked into the hole, I thought she had to help.

I was worried if I could really protect it to the end, but at the same time I absolutely have to do it! I felt like that.

I can’t say I’m scared of shadows! I have to protect it! I have to protect it! I was desperate. The emotions were haste and synchronized with Iko.

Let’s definitely leave the castle together.

When I had to protect myself, I felt a strong feeling.

I was filled with a sense of mission and a sense of crisis that I had to keep this hand firmly.

I don’t know why, but I was crazy about saving this child if I had to help him.

There was a sense of justice that I had to protect this girl. Pull out Jorda and fight with a wooden stick while holding hands. I think it’s the best first battle.

I had a strong feeling that I had to protect because I couldn’t understand the language and had no choice but to hold hands.

I felt as if I had become a hero. To be a hero who saves only one girl instead of saving the world.

I felt relieved and a slight desire for asylum.

Let’s go on an adventure together and leave the castle! I thought, but when I saw them holding hands and going on the road, I would never die …! I thought.

I’m so desperate that I don’t remember much, but I thought I wouldn’t take Jorda to a safe place because I wanted to escape early.

I felt an uplifting feeling as well as a sense of mission that I had to keep it.

The contrast between the black shadow and the white Jorda being taken away created a dislike for the shadow, so when I helped Jorda, I felt a little catharsis as if I were a hero.

Felt Like I I Was The Only One Who Could Defend Her.
(To protect her is, I felt that I do not only own)

I wanted to proceed without hurting this child as much as possible.

I thought I might die, “I can’t see her anymore.” So I was desperate to help my relatives.

I felt uncomfortable if I didn’t protect this person.

My heart was sweating. I was desperate. Thank you for being alive. When the shadow came out, I was really terrified.

I want to help somehow! It was one’s heart. I remember thinking that this child was the only one, and that I was the only one.

At first, I thought it was a hassle, but then I changed to a sense of mission or responsibility, and I had to help myself.

Not alone! Not scary! I don’t understand the language! Let’s leave here together!

When I knocked down the shadows and held hands gently, I felt that I became more aware of “I will protect”.

Seeing Jorda, who has no fighting power, I strongly felt that I had to protect myself.

At the same time, I felt anxiety about whether I could stay together until the end and the belief that I would definitely protect it.

I remember it was quite difficult. The sense of accomplishment and the relief of being safe were great.

I feel a little scared that I was glad I was able to protect it.

I was very relieved. I was thrilled that it would be difficult if I couldn’t make it in time.

Anyway, I was scared of the shadow and desperate, but … I was relieved when the shadow disappeared with the help of Jorda …

Iko was a game with realistic movements, so I was really scared when Jorda was struck by a black shadow for the first time, and I was really relieved when I held hands again.

I was thrilled. I remember stroking my chest, saying, “I was able to help myself …”, overlapping with my real self.

I was so excited that I would hit Jorda with the shadow and hurt him, so I was very relieved when I rejoined Jorda.

I was very happy. When I was drunk in the shadow, it was over! !! !! !! However, after being drunk, the motion that I pulled out suddenly feels heavy and I like it.

It was a mysterious feeling that the relief of being able to stay together was superior to the gameplay-like satisfaction of helping the weak Jorda.

I couldn’t bear the sense of urgency when I was kidnapped or dragged by the darkness, and the relief when I was able to rescue.

I’m glad that Jorda was safe! Of course, there was a sense of security that I wasn’t alone.

I felt saved from my own loneliness rather than helping Jorda.

It’s cute … I felt that this child, who has no power, does not understand well, does not understand words, and feels somewhat empty, is important.

Or cute! thin! white! Transparent!

I thought Jorda was not a game character but a life, and I felt like Iko and myself were united.

I thought I could go somewhere far if I protected it.

It’s not like being a robot or dealing with a character … I think it was an experience close to the real world. It was exciting and exciting.

Anyway, I was desperately swinging the stick around. I don’t know why, but I have to help! I think it was a feeling, so I felt like I was in sync with Iko.

I was surprised and delighted that the hero, who seems to be weak in appearance, is stronger than I imagined. Rather than knowing his own sturdiness, I wondered if the boy’s sense of justice and annoyance were exposed.

I was desperate when I pulled Jorda’s hand, which was about to fall into the hole, and I felt like I was screaming. I was very happy when I was pulled up. It was really moving to be able to pull out and help.

Anxiety and expectations for the future story. There was a sense of tension because it was a character who hardly spoke words.

This seems to be difficult to proceed while helping. On the contrary, there was a feeling of excitement that seemed to be worthwhile.

A comfortable sense of accomplishment. I felt like playing to protect something I had never felt in previous games.

Q6 When I started to love Iko and Jorda

Early stage

I bought it in a package and catch phrase, so Jorda was my dear one from the beginning. It got stronger and stronger.

I’ve been looking forward to playing before the release, so I liked them from that point on, but when I actually moved them and they met, it wasn’t working anymore. It was a love explosion.

At the time of the encounter movie, I was drawn into the innocence of Iko and the mysterious and ephemeral appearance of Jorda. At the next moment when people who don’t understand each other hold hands, I feel like I was thinking, “I’ll definitely take these two out of the castle unscathed.”

Maybe from the first time I met him. Even if I go out, Iko may not have a place to return, but I was able to do my best with the purpose of getting Jorda out.

Was In Love I From The Moment I Rescued Yorda From Her Cage.
(At the moment that rescued the Jordan from her cage, it is a)

The only situation where the sacrificed little boy and the ephemeral girl in captivity worked together to solve the mystery of the castle and escape was ridiculous.

Jorda that came out of the bird cage was like the first snow I saw for the first time. I didn’t want to melt the snow.

A boy trapped in a castle and a girl in a bird cage. Communication that cannot rely on words. I immediately felt the love of them as they tried to confront the unreasonable and unfortunate situation.

When I saw Jorda trapped in a basket. Whatever you sacrifice, you must free this child. The moment I thought so, my love was rising.

Is it from the time when Iko was put in something like a coffin as a sacrifice? Accepting one’s destiny, anxious, but making a noise, the container and the silence after the footsteps leaving. I’m almost crying about how delicate I was. When Jorda landed on the side of Iko. Delicacy that is transparent. In the ephemeral appearance, there was a sense of protection, that it might disappear, or something that should be protected.

I first learned about “ICO” not from games, but from Miyuki Miyabe’s novels. I read the novel, was drawn in at a stretch, and played the game in the flow that I got to know that the original was a game. rice field. Therefore, the children I had read and imagined in books, such as “I met you again”! I felt that.

If you hold hands and run, it seems quite difficult. So I was walking all the time except when I was attacked and needed. Perhaps that was the time when I started walking that way.

When you hold hands, when you help Jorda, or when you realize that you have to work with Jorda to solve the problem.

When Jorda, who was about to be taken to the shadow, was desperately swung around a stick to help him.

When Iko reached out to Jorda after overcoming the step, I felt that I wanted to see the fate of the two and protect them.

When Jorda came to grab my hand when I reached out on a distant scaffold or a high wall.

Immediately after the rescue, the bridge is about to collapse, but Jorda is saved by a short break. I’m too scared to lose Jorda if I imagine a lot of things like this happening in the future. I thought I could never let go.

It is a place where two people hold hands and cannot clear even if either one is missing.

When I started to hold hands, I naturally wanted to protect them, and I loved them because I was the only companion.

When I first helped the place where I was taken away by the shadow, I felt strongly that I had to protect it.

I thought it was the best to see that Iko quickly reached out and took it when the bridge collapsed first.

Jorda said that if Iko reached out, he would hold hands, and if he spoke, he would approach Iko even though he couldn’t understand the language.

Some signboards and characters don’t give hints during the game, so what should I do … When I’m about to get stuck, Jorda casually tells me what to worry about and helps Iko. When I saw him trying, I felt that Iko didn’t want to help Jorda unilaterally, but that Jorda wanted to get out of the castle with Iko.

It was the first time I held hands. I felt that there was really a person named Jorda, not the character of the game. I’ve always liked Jorda since then. It was fun to be with Jorda, and I wanted to be more with Jorda than to escape from the foggy castle or solve the mystery. It was a waste to clear it, so I went around from corner to corner and proceeded slowly. After clearing, try how to get to what you can see, look around the landscape to find birds under the cliff, go the course as far as possible, and so on. I took a walk with Jorda for a reason. I remember that I wanted to go out of the castle with Jorda and made a wasteful effort to find a gap in the wall.

When I noticed that if I suddenly pulled Jorda’s hand strongly, my shoulders would come off and it would be painful. After that, I remember that it took a lot of time to clear the walking state stick operation, which is meaningless as a game to avoid running wastefully as much as possible.

When I first reached the main gate. Jorda was trapped in the castle in time for the gate that stumbled and closed, but while the words could not be understood, Iko who just extended his hand and Jorda who took his hand felt love.

What I loved most about Jorda was the scene where Iko desperately tried to help her when she was about to fall off the bridge. In that scene, I felt that I felt the feeling of cherishing Iko in Jorda and the clear will to help Iko voluntarily.

A scene where Iko takes Jorda’s hand. Awkward but trying to move forward together, it was decided to absolutely protect them against the difficulties that would arise.

All gestures were “human” and aroused a desire for protection. Not limited to games, there is no other character that feels a sense of life.

When Iko called out to Jorda to come over and was shaken.

When I saw the hero worried when he was about to fall off a cliff.

When I’m a little far from Jorda and at a high place, when I look up and look anxiously wandering around.

Tips from Jorda, voices when Iko calls Jorda, and each other’s eyes. I also liked being disgusted by making an unreasonable call to Jorda (sorry)

Its appearance is already like a princess, but it’s so ephemeral that it seems to disappear when exposed to the light coming in from the window, its limbs are thin, and when it is pulled by a squid smaller than itself, it seems to be a little staggered, and each of its actions It made me feel like “I have to protect …” and I immediately fell in love with her.

Originally I liked the appearance, but I thought “Oh, it’s cute” because of the casual movements such as chasing animals and touching the elbows.

I love seeing the fact that they communicate with me even though I can’t understand the words when I call out after helping them, or when I shake my head when it’s dangerous.

Jorda was interested in a little bird in the garden. I’m glad I could see the cute gestures while I couldn’t talk and didn’t know what I was thinking.

When Jorda utters a word. When I urged him to jump from the opposite side of the large hole, he said “Yana!” I thought that it was a good technique to make (player) realize that it was a hole that Jorda could not jump over, not by telop but by the gesture of a person. When I first heard it, I was surprised and felt that I had done something wrong.

When I started running while holding hands with Jorda, it was irresistibly cute that Jorda, who was pulled by a small squid, made it difficult to run.

It’s time to hold hands. The most there. Another save point. Also, there was a motion that felt humanity, such as looking at the elbow while waiting. I felt that Jorda was a life-sized girl because she couldn’t attack or resist and there wasn’t much she could do. Also, climbing the ladder is one step at a time.

When I was rejected when I called, I thought that this person was not a doll but had a strong will.

I was helping Jorda all the time, but when I took the time to set up and left for a long time, when I heard Jorda calling Iko from a distance.

I had a good impression of the ephemeral girl named Jorda from the beginning, so I had a lot of love from that time. In the gimmick room where the stairs rise up at the beginning, not only standing up, but also worrying about the elbows, wandering around in the folds, and calling me. When I had the feeling of being a “living girl with a will,” I felt more loved.

It’s a thin line that seems to disappear because it’s ephemeral, but I loved the way Iko reached out from a high place and tried hard to climb …

When Iko is taken as a sacrifice or when he gets stuck in a private room. Awkward movements of the character. It has a cute butt and a cute way of running. When Jorda was trapped in a birdcage and saw a scene of physical and mental disabilities.

When I was running around holding hands, I felt like a younger brother who was full of energy and an older sister who was accompanied by it.

Iko fights to protect a strange girl, and Jorda shakes her head and refuses when she can’t jump even if she calls.

Jorda also has a will, and even if Iko reaches out and says to come here, I refuse to do anything I can’t do. However, if I could fly to the last minute, he did his best to jump and took Iko’s hand.

A scene of sitting side by side on the sofa at the save point. The moment I learned that I couldn’t save without sitting side by side, I felt like I was struck by lightning.

I fell in love with Jorda when I saw him sitting next to me in a sprint after looking at me strangely when Iko sat first at the save point.

Every time I thought that I loved the feeling of sleeping with my heads close to each other when saving.

I walked hand in hand all the time, and while protecting from the shadows, I naturally felt love for them. When I saw them fall asleep on the couch while saving, I wanted to keep a brief rest.

As Iko defended Jorda and continued to pave the way for Jorda, these two people seemed really cute, and it was awesome that they fell asleep on the save sofa at the beginning of the game.

When the feeling of holding hands is touched by the vibration of the controller.

It seemed to be painful when I was drawn into the shadow. Even after I helped, I couldn’t run fast and fell, and I felt that I was running away from the controller.


Running And Walking Together, Holding Hands. Calling Out When Apart. Hoping Yorda Is Safe.
(Holding hands, walking or running together, now we hope safely over or. Jordan of the voice when away )

I think it was after I had experienced several times that I couldn’t get out of the shadows well and could grab it at the end, and I was able to relax in the sun several times.

I think it’s more of a journey we’ve walked together than an event.

At first, Iko seemed to be trying to help Jorda, but Jorda also called out to help Iko, and used her own power to open the gate while becoming fluttering. is. I thought they were both kind. On the second lap, I became able to understand Jorda’s words and felt even more dear.

I didn’t feel like being danced by the director or the scriptwriter at all, and I strongly felt that I wanted them to escape suddenly.

At first, I thought it was just something to protect, but when the bridge collapsed in the middle of the game, I saw Jorda who tried to pull up the squid even though it was weak, and I began to feel that it was a more important and important existence. I did.

I felt loved when I was about to be kidnapped by the shadows many times, and as the two of us proceeded together, they waited and helped me when I was able to get rid of or overcome obstacles. ..

After all, is it the accumulation that Jorda was kidnapped many times and the game was over without being helped? From the middle to the end, there is a mechanism that makes me feel a little mean and impatient, so I feel more strongly that I have to protect it, and I was just at the stage where I started picking up small stories that I would sleep with Jorda holding hands in a chair. The chances of feeling Jorda’s humanity increased, and every time I failed, I became sad and at the same time began to feel dear.

I liked it from the beginning because I liked it as a boy meets girl, including the atmosphere, but I gradually became fond of it, not where. Every time I save, hold hands, call out and get a reply, I love the trivial accumulation.

As I got used to the process of holding hands and reaching out to open the way, I was worried when I had to leave because it became commonplace to work hard to take me to a door that wouldn’t open without Jorda. When.

It’s a desire to protect when I’m about to be kidnapped, but I’ll definitely protect this child! After I was prepared, I felt like a parent watching over my child.

When I noticed that the vibration was rattling and the two were holding hands even though it was difficult to walk due to the difference in height and stride length. I wondered how cute it was.

It’s natural to see them pull out of the hole many times, sit in a chair many times, and sit together and sleep.

A scene where you have to act differently from Jorda. After repeating the game over, I managed to find the correct answer, kicked the shadows, and held hands with Jorda for the first time in a while. I strongly felt that I didn’t want to be alone at the same time as I was relieved.

It was strange for me that Jorda’s troublesome movement, or rather the feeling of pulling his legs, became adorable. It was the first time I had such a feeling in the game that I became anxious from the moment my finger was released while holding down the button.

In the middle of the game, where the difficulty gradually increased as the story progressed, the game was over without helping Jorda from the shadows for the first time. At that time, I was really depressed and couldn’t return to the game for about an hour, and that experience made me realize how much I valued Jorda. When I think about it now, I think that my love for Jorda has increased.

As soon as I jumped off the chain and crossed the step, a lot of shadows appeared and it was barely possible to pull up Jorda. I was pretty excited, so it may be a suspension bridge effect.

Jorda loved the gesture because he rushed to Iko’s side and gave hints when the shadow appeared. I gradually became fond of Iko who protects her.

I think it’s cute that you can feel that this child is also a girl by chasing a white bird, looking around when you let go of your hand, and running around lightly in the plaza.

There was a scene where he acted differently from Jorda and solved the mystery, and when he finished solving the mystery and became sick, he fell in love with Jorda running up.

I got used to the operation a little, and now I can afford to observe Jorda. Chasing birds and looking at the sky. I was happy that Jorda rushed to me when Iko fell from a high place.

When I went away for a while to solve the trick, and when I came back, he ran. Oh, are you counting on me? I felt like I had taken him around, but.
I was lonely since I was alone at the end of the game, and I was thinking more about Jorda after I became lonely.

Watch how they chase pigeons like a little kid. Perhaps I was trapped all the time, so I thought I wouldn’t have been happy to go out and touch the creatures. The desire to take him out of the castle became stronger.

In the middle of the game, I had a chance to leave Jorda for a long time, and I was worried that the shadow monster would attack, but when I came back, I slowly walked up, it was really hot, and if I noticed, I like Jorda. It was.

“Characters that were protected against penalties if not protected” became more and more fun to walk and adventure together “as Jorda” as they learned about Jorda’s gestures and voices.

It’s a very small detail, but if left unattended, Jorda will start playing with the birds. I thought she was a doll-like child who just walked with her, but when I saw her voluntary movement for the first time, I was surprised.

When I understand Jorda’s behavior pattern, such as showing the way to go with my eyes, coming to Iko when I call it, and shaking my head to refuse when I read it when the distance is too long to jump.

I wanted you to jump a long distance, but Jorda refused. The impression that he was like a doll changed greatly as he had a cute will.

It may be a little strange, but when Iko called Jorda “Okko”, I saw Jorda disliked “Yane!” Because it wasn’t a place to go, and I thought it was cute.

You can see the scene of the first meeting with the Queen and the background of Jorda’s back, which was elusive until then, and you could recognize it as a more real existence.

After all, with the intervention of Jorda’s mother, “I have to protect!”

There is an animation on the way, and there is a scene that faces the Queen (Mother of Jorda) for the first time. After that, Iko rushed to Jorda, who was hanging down, reaching for her, and Jorda gazed at it for a few seconds and stood up, holding her hand as if she had decided. From this time on, I felt that the feelings of the two were united (the feeling of going out together), and I became very dear.

When I first met the Queen, Jorda, who didn’t understand the words but seemed scared, still took Iko’s hand.

The first meeting with the Queen from the scene of running hand in hand to the gate to the outside. Iko reaches out to Jorda who has fallen and takes it. I felt like I was ready for them, and now I like them.

When The Queen Threatened The Boy And Looked Down On Yorda, I Realized I Had An Attachment To Both Of Them.
(When the Queen looked down the Jordan threatened the boy, I found myself to have affection for them)

It was after I reached the main gate for the first time and confronted the Queen. Because I didn’t understand the words, I thought that Jorda was being blamed for being told something by the Queen, and I think that Jorda is still sitting down and feels guilty about continuing to act with the boy. I was afraid that it might be, but Iko still reached out to Jorda, and when he saw the scene where Jorda took that hand, it was not clear yet, but he felt something like Jorda’s determination.

Late stage

It was after I opened the main gate after unraveling the mechanism of the castle that I realized that it was more inseparable. Even if I pull the weakened Jorda’s hand, Jorda can’t run well and the connected hands are separated. I can’t overdo it, but I felt like I had to protect myself more if I didn’t withdraw. I was separated from there for a long time until the end, but at that time I was alone and felt emptiness. I was protecting Jorda, but I thought that Iko might have felt relieved by pulling Jorda’s hand and protecting it. At that time, I felt that Jorda was dear.

When Iko fell off the bridge, Jorda staring at it, giving up, and gratitude overflowed from Jorda’s expression, I felt pain in my chest.

It’s a famous scene, but when you can escape soon, Jorda collapses at the break of the bridge of Daimon and his body should be painful, but Iko who is about to fall is trying to pull up with all his might. The scene in which Jorda, who was so thin and difficult to climb up and down, is working hard for Iko-kun is impressive.

A scene where you let go of your hand to prevent petrification of the squid. I felt painfully in the anguish of Jorda, who had no choice but to let go. I think this is the first scene where Jorda’s humanity is most apparent.

Of course I liked them from the beginning of the story, but at the end of the story, when I was separated from Jorda, I was sad that I couldn’t be together and wanted to join hands with Jorda again. I love Jorda very much. I remember playing with the boy who went to help Jorda, thinking, “Let’s do our best together and meet Jorda again,” and I felt more dear than ever.

Once separated from Jorda. I don’t think that would happen, and I remember desperately searching for Jorda.

Before heading to the last stage, I had to go alone because I was separated from Jorda. The foggy castle, where I had to go alone, was very lonely and lonely, and Jorda, who had thought that he had only protected it until then, clearly realized that he was actually protected.

It was a turn to break up with Jorda on the bridge and act alone, and on the contrary, I was very anxious that there was no Jorda to protect, and Iko who boldly confronted the gimmick was irritated and full of breasts. rice field.

Iko was a cute, straight and brave boy from start to finish, and his impression did not change. Jorda suddenly fell in love with her after she gradually began to notice the beauty of her work, the beauty of her up-faced face when she happened to see it …

When I was at a loss while wandering around the same place because I didn’t know how to proceed, when Jorda called on Iko and pointed in the right direction. In terms of my role, I was helped by Jorda, who I thought I often helped, so I felt happy and felt that I was working with two people instead of one.

I really loved the scene of eating watermelon together at the end. I think that the scene that never happened was shining because the two of us overcame the difficulties.

At the end, when Jorda put Iko on the ship, he cried and noticed, yelling Yorda Aa. I don’t realize after I lose it …

The collapse of the castle. Originally I didn’t think it was lovely, but can’t I see you anymore? I thought it was painful.

When I saw Jorda holding a squid at the ending. Coupled with the sadness of the song, the love exploded.

Q7 What do you think “ICO” is great as a game?

I am impressed that the hero is working hard. I’m trying to help the girl even though I’m not good at it. Not only the movie but also the normal gameplay is used hard, which gradually impresses me.

It shouldn’t be that long as a story, but when I cleared it because there were too many thoughts, my body was heavy in a very good sense.

I have just been taught that people are creatures that cannot live alone. It was a work that made me swallow that I was told that I was sick when I was trying to live alone, or that I sometimes had to give up resisting.

I didn’t say much, I didn’t know what I was doing was good or bad, and I just felt desperate to help Jorda in front of me. The scenery is also beautiful.

Where there is no UI. It’s like a movie to experience. By the end, he treated Jorda as a person, not as a character.

Immersive feeling. A sense of ownership at a level that you do not want to think about the other side of the screen.

Where most information is not disclosed to the player. A place where you can feel the expanse of the world, but only the minimum is revealed, and you can thoroughly immerse yourself in the world from the perspective of the main character.

I didn’t feel like playing the game from the beginning to the end, and when I died, I was from the bottom of my heart.

There is light on the other side of the screen, you can feel the wind, dust is fluttering, the cobblestones are cold, and you can feel the temperature of Jorda’s hands even though you are just holding the controller. There is certainly a world beyond the screen. By the way.

The experience becomes a story, and I have done more than enough things that only a game can do. You can just trace the story or read the book, but I think that the process of exploring a strange castle and imagining the past in “ICO” is different from what you can get by listening to someone’s story. ..

I played Iko when I was about the same age as Iko, so I had a special emotional feeling. The loneliness that can be left behind and the emotions that must be cherished are not portrayed in the game, but are born within oneself. That is reflected in the gameplay. Jorda is a little older sister, but I’ll go first! It was a wonderful game that I could play from the bottom of my heart.

I remembered it as an experience that worked on me even in parts that were not related to the elements of the game. At first, I was just thinking that it was a puzzle action to escape, but I didn’t feel that the character of the existence to be protected became more and more important to me. Even though there is no liking meter and Jorda does not give you scores or items, the more you press the R1 button carefully and release it carefully, the more you want to cherish Jorda. Was the first time. In the place of the foggy castle, the experience of being lost like a walk like an adventure, the experience of being alone is memorable as if I was really there.

It’s sadly beautiful, it feels like you’ve blended into that world. I can’t forget that. Wasn’t that girl holding hands a real dream, not a game? Or maybe it was something you experienced in the past? I think that the atmosphere that seems to give the illusion is the most wonderful.

It’s not just a system. The starting point is “person” instead of character, and “emotion” instead of system, which is just right for the word “design” in the game, which is directly linked to natural operations and gimmicks. I felt that it was a very good “experience of different life, different story”.

If you fall from a high place, you will die, if you keep running, you will get tired, if you take a rest, you will be on the sofa, and that is the save point. It’s a game, but it’s not like a game, but it’s
not so unreasonable. The sense of balance is the best. And the sound of nature. The sound of the wind, the sound of leaves rubbing, the voice of birds, the sound of the sea. I was more absorbed in it.

It has operability and camera work, so it’s hard to say that it’s comfortable, but I think it’s wonderful that the operability is realistic. I don’t know because I’ve never had such an experience, but I wonder if it would be like this when a helpless boy or girl actually goes on an adventure.

Immersive feeling due to the absence of useless branches and leaves as a game. A real feeling that is created because there are many inconveniences. I felt that the inability to communicate with the players, Iko, and Jorda created a transparent impression.

There are no gauges, numbers, button prompts, etc. on the screen. There is no item screen or map. There was no expression “this is a game”. Iko, Jorda, and the castle. I was certainly there, and the immersive feeling was amazing. That was really good.

A beautiful story with few words and fantastic. And you can enjoy the “feeling that you shouldn’t feel” such as the glare of light, the coldness of cobblestones, the mist of moist air, and the musty corridor with a strong immersive feeling. I think it was a wonderful game like no other.

The anxiety and impatience at this time was too shockingly real when Iko and Jorda’s hands were separated on the bridge. It was amazing that all I felt through “ICO” was a real feeling as myself. Even if I never exchanged words, I was always surprised to feel like this and proceeded to the final stage.

The part where you can understand the emotions of the character by the tone of words and gestures, and the attachment will spring up. The small stacks created an immersive feeling, as if you were in a big castle where you could feel the space with the clicking sound of hitting a stone wall with a wooden stick.

Smoothness of scenery and movement. Design to hold hands. Where inevitability changes to affection.

The details that make it a picture no matter where you cut it, the AI ​​that makes Jorda look like a human being with contents, the atmosphere that keeps you immersed in the immersive feeling from the moment you start the game until you finish watching the ending credits, It’s an indescribable game, such as a story that can’t help tears at the end.

BGM is almost an environmental sound, there is no HP or MP like a game, and there are no recovery items or enhancement items. Even though it’s a game, it feels like you’re looking into a real story. And I thought it was wonderful to see the two people who care for each other and help each other.

Everything is simple, including music. There are no items in the field and no tool bags. There are no villagers, no ordinary conversation. I thought that the main characters were evil, heroes, and princesses, all like picture books.

The two main games that I think are excellent are the Jorda-centric game design and the more immersive audio design. First of all, there are many reasons why the more you play, the more intimate you are with Jorda. It becomes commonplace to hold down the trigger of the controller and hold hands from the middle, it becomes unnatural to release the finger, puzzles, gimmicks, scenes where enemies appear, etc. I was wondering if I could protect people. ” The other was a wonderful thing that made me realize that I was alone in the great devastation of the game’s audio design and music.

Of course, I would like to say everything, but the character’s gestures, the condition of clothes, the expression of the heartbeat when holding hands and the feeling of weight when receiving, the expression of water flow and dripping when wet, when sticks and swords. Differences in texture (sound), etc … I thought that the distribution of small parts was wonderful. The catchphrases of “People can’t live alone” and “I felt like I’d let go of my soul” are also wonderful.

I feel that all the elements designed as a game are a game that naturally blends into the story and the world and gives us a pure experience of being in the game world. A story that is quietly told with parameterless screens, overflowing environmental sounds, bloody character movements, few cutscenes and gameplay. All of this created a world without waste and increased the density of the story experience.

It’s a balance for me. I think the game is an experience. If the created world view is not game-friendly, it will be passive content similar to a video work, and conversely, if the game-likeness, operation and puzzle-solving elements are too difficult, consciousness will be captured this time. I don’t feel like I’m immersing myself in the world view, but “ICO” was an exquisite game in both ways. That’s why I think I could have experienced the feeling of going to that world and experiencing the event.

Be simple, be original, feel the philosophy. These are not the parts, but the harmony. Music, castles and characters are all. The atmosphere of the fog, the whispers of birds and the flapping scenery. An attractive character with an easy-to-understand scene. It is an important treasure that has become a part of my life.

It’s amazing that I was able to release a graphic game at that time. It’s amazing that holding hands was put into the game.

You can hold hands, but you can’t stay. A place where shadows and light are packed in a short story.

I think it was an invention that the action of holding hands was assigned to the R1 button, and instead of pressing it to turn it on / off, it was connected while it was being pressed, and when the button was released, the hand was released, which was linked to a movement close to reality.

Not only do Iko and Jorda have to hold hands, but also the fineness of vibration when they are holding and the stage composition that can not open the way without cooperation, “holding hands is a natural state of two people. It brought me the experience of “becoming”. In the latter half of the game, I had the illusion that the controller was Iko’s hand.

A place where you can see and experience the world there by walking. “ICO” is a miniature garden inside a castle, and I felt that there were people, customs, and history, and that the world was expanding outside.

Pull the girl’s hand and escape from the castle. It’s amazing that the simple elements can be produced so dramatically. Iko doesn’t understand what Jorda is saying, so I have no choice but to listen to the tone and reaction of her voice. If you pull your hand too hard, you will stagger, and you will have to prepare a foothold to go high. At first I thought it would be a hassle, but when I realized it, I started to hold hands as much as possible so that Jorda wouldn’t be overshadowed by the shadows. I am now able to enjoy what I felt inconvenient, and I am fascinated by that. I think that is wonderful.

I think that Jorda, who can’t fight and has to help, is a stumbling block when viewed as a game. However, at first I was pulling out the existence of Jorda with the consciousness that the game would be over, but it is wonderful to give the player a change of mind that they will eventually pull out of this castle together. ..

It’s frustrating just because AI characters don’t come with me, but I’m turning it into a charming character. With a system that holds hands, you can make people come to the places you really want to follow. Also, I am attached to the part where I can see the personality that gives me hints, is hung by birds, and lends my shoulders when saving.

Everyone has the experience of holding hands, but as they grow older, they become embarrassed, but we have incorporated into the game a lot of peace of mind. Really awesome.

A development that instantly makes you really love Jorda, which would otherwise be a constraint on your actions (if your goal is just to escape from the castle). An innocent expression that is beautiful and sometimes cruel.

I made the player think that I didn’t want to let go of Jorda, and I realized that feeling with the controller.

Iko and Jorda can hold hands at any time, almost anytime. When I had to leave, I felt anxious as if I had lost my half body. It was a really wonderful experience to believe that we could go anywhere. It’s also cute that Jorda looks a little sick when running hand in hand. Also, for that experience, I think it was essential to have a design in which you couldn’t keep holding hands unless you kept pressing the button. I remembered that feeling that I had been holding hands with Jorda all the time.

By the nature of games, it is important to have a two-way experience with your actions. In “ICO”, the spatial expanse combined with the charm of the character, I felt that the system that seemed inconvenient at first glance (such as the character not following me) also played a role in self-projection. It was a rare game.

Where all the motion doesn’t go smoothly. It doesn’t stop suddenly, and it doesn’t swing its weapons smoothly. Even if you walk hand in hand, there is a reality that sometimes two people collide with each other. The feeling of loss is great even when the game is over, and it is amazing that I want to take care of all my actions.

It’s not a party, it’s not a party, it’s a weak existence that you have to fight and you have to protect, and it’s seemingly clumsy, but the action of holding hands makes it a natural action to protect. I think that holding hands so much that I wanted to walk without running moved the player’s psychology.

The mechanics. The holding hands gameplay gave a feeling unlike any other game. Holding the button tighter and tighter as I ran from attackers. The fear of letting go.
It is (mechanics. Gameplay that holding hands is, and the other game It gives you a different feeling. The fear of letting go is depicted so that you keep pressing the button firmly as you escape from the enemy.)

A world view that is as beautiful as a fairy tale and sometimes dark.

A stage that seems to be somewhere on the earth, a feeling of air that seems to exist, and a world view that you can feel because there are no words.

A place like the piercing coldness and loneliness of the early morning.

It is protected and saved by the person who wanted to save it. A castle where you can feel the design, nature, eerieness and loneliness that match the story. Contrast between black and white. Only the voice calling Jorda into a quiet world. The view of the world is wonderful.

I like the feeling of air. The tranquility of the castle, the production of light, and the character feeling that somehow conveys from the character’s gestures even though there are no words, it was a work that made me want to stay here forever.

Where Jorda moves freely. When I can’t see it, I’m worried and look for it. The graphics are reminiscent of a fantasy paradise. You can explore there. The feeling that people lived in front of me gives rise to various emotions. The lives of former residents, their downfalls, natural erosion, and the transition to ruins. The best.

Even though the settings and operations are very minimal, I feel that the world is widespread. However, the balance of despair and feeling of obstruction is wonderful.

It’s a spectacle that I want to keep my feet on, even though I have a feeling of fear and excitement that makes me want to look ahead.

I think there is only one game where you can enjoy the feeling of being in an old castle even though it shouldn’t be VR. And it was my first time to play a game that reminded me of my first love, and I thought many times that I didn’t want it to end.

Anyway, the atmosphere. Old castle in the fog! Scary and beautiful. lonely. anxiety. And the environmental sound that supports that atmosphere. BGM that sounds only when needed. The wind is blowing all the time. The sound that blows through echoes somewhere. splendid!

Enjoy the sun and the sound of the wind, climb up to dazzling high places, and even if you are standing without proceeding with the game, you will never get tired of it. I first encountered such a game.

Light and shadow, stones, trees, and Iko and Jorda all felt like marble with heat. It looks like a warm and hard stone, and I remember the game “ICO” as beautiful.

The scenery is fine and beautiful, so whenever you play, the air is probably cold in this castle, the cobblestones in the sun are probably warm, and so
on. I’m playing while imagining that when I walk, I might smell the damp soil.

The whole world over there is wonderful. The light, the sound, and the breathing of the two were all wonderful, so that feeling of air was created. Even now, if I follow my memories, my heart can always return to the castle.

Dark fantasy on the stage of contrast between light and shadow, stone and green. A beautiful combination of these and a beautiful lyrical story.

I’m 27 now and I met this game when I was 10. I’ve played various games until then, but for some reason this game is different from the others, and I was drawn into the world of the game from the moment I played it. It’s because of the greatness of the graphics and the greatness of the sound. The cold feeling of the building, the sound of the footsteps, the dust, the sunlight, the sound of the voice, etc. are really wonderful, and it is easy to enter the world of this game from such a place, and it has been here for a long time. It was a game I wanted to play. At the age of 10, I loved to wonder if this place really existed. I enjoyed thinking about various things, wondering if it actually exists, I would like to go, and if not, I would like to make it.

I won’t talk anyway. This game is such a story, and does not tell that it is a story of a character with such a backbone. I don’t even know each other’s words (at least on the first lap), I don’t even know what Jorda is saying, Iko doesn’t even know Jorda’s name. On the contrary, when they hold hands, they realize that they are certainly connected, and they can immerse themselves in the story of the two.

I don’t talk about it. In the first lap, I don’t understand the words, and the story ends with many mysteries remaining, such as the castle of fog, the purpose of the queen, the horns of Iko, and the children who became shadows. It’s also a simple game system, just pull the heroine’s hand to solve the puzzle and escape from the castle. There are no special techniques or items. However, the air in the cold and old castle. The glare when you go out. The smell of the wind stroking the cheeks. The weight when you hold and pull Jorda’s hand. That kind of feeling that you should never have touched certainly remains for the player. Instead of listening to the story told in words, I think it’s a work where you can experience the story as an experience. I think it’s a wonderful work that is full of charm that can be created only by games, which is not found in movies and novels.

A unique atmosphere that can be fully created without decorating with words or magnificent music. Even if communication is not easy, Iko and Jorda can tell that they care about each other. If you look closely at what’s around you and what Jorda looks like, you’ll find clues to move on, and they’ll be shown naturally and casually.

The setting is that the two are holding hands, but the words cannot be understood. Therefore, the feeling of genuine compassion for the other person is directly transmitted. I think that this indescribable sense of distance is godly.

It was very simple, and at that time there were many elements in the game, but I thought that the game that I dared to cut off was novel.

The pale feeling that the mystery is solved until the end, and the temperature difference that shakes the emotions at once at the end.

The rules are simple, but the interesting and beautiful part. I felt the artistry in the game for the first time.

Even with a simple mechanism, it becomes difficult as soon as the task of protecting Jorda is imposed. Still, it is an exquisite difficulty that can be cleared if you think about it properly.

Forgetting the original purpose of escaping from the castle, I feel that the game design that allows you to go deep inside the castle on your own initiative is wonderful.

I feel that it was designed to be “plus” as an experience, after “minus” the elements that were thought to be absolutely necessary for the game. By eliminating so-called “game-like” displays, sound effects, and clear music, there is no “impressive” work. By doing so, I think that each person’s feelings will be different, and each player will be able to have a personal experience.

I think it’s amazing that it helps to create an atmosphere and also has a comfortable gameplay.

Numerical values ​​such as level and health are excluded so that the player cannot see them. Game-like meters and icons have been eliminated. I felt that I was dealing with the beauty of the world and the delicacy of my heart. It’s cruel, but it made me think that there are many beautiful landscapes in this world. It seemed to be a way to make it more pure and pure with a subtraction design that reduces it rather than filling it.

At first, I’m frustrated by the movement that doesn’t stay in Jorda, but the cause is the flip side of this unlucky play, and Jorda will answer it as the play improves. New user feedback that does not explicitly indicate level up, skill, or increase in various parameters by numerical values.

At that time, the type of game that mainly enjoyed the atmosphere of such a story was rare and fresh. Although it is a work that emphasizes the atmosphere, it is attractive that there are free parts such as not only playing according to the atmosphere but also challenging the time attack and swinging the glowing sword that can only be obtained on the second lap. was. I still played the trophy comp and cleared it 200 times, but I still want to do it from time to time. I think it’s a beautiful work like a picture book or an old music box that you want to open.

As a whole, the castle is drawn in detail, and I personally think that there is no waste. In other words, I felt in the “ICO” game that even if there are only the minimum necessary characters and items, if you can create a chitin and its world, you will be able to create something that will impress you.

As with all of Fumito Ueda’s works, when I think back, it’s not the “memory of playing the game,” but the place where I have a “living memory” of the story world. The time I wandered around the foggy castle with Jorda is my own memory, which I think is wonderful.

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